Welcome, Christine Gichuki, OpenMRS Quality Assurance/Technical Project Manager

This month, Christine Gichuki joined OpenMRS as our Quality Assurance Technical Project Manager. Her core passions are in digital health interventions, communities of practice, and advancements in technology. Christine’s academic background is in computer science and she specialized in health informatics, working in different roles in implementation, quality assurance, and capacity building on a number of OpenMRS implementations within East and Central Africa. 

Christine clearly has a key interest in communities of practice, with a focus on sustainability and creating a space where people can come together to learn from each other. For the past four years, she has acted as our OpenMRS Global Events Manager, planning and organizing our annual Implementer’s Meetings. She has also played key roles with the Bahmni Coalition and the OpenMRS Kenya community. 

As Christine takes up the role of OpenMRS QA TPM, she hopes to make a positive impact on health care by ensuring quality OpenMRS products are delivered to the community for use and implementation.

Welcome, Christine!

Welcome, Christine Gichuki, OpenMRS Quality Assurance/Technical Project Manager

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