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There is more to OpenMRS than coding.

Providing a quality core product involves project management, quality assurance, business analysis, and documentation. Doing this as a community relies on our ability to coordinate and collaborate.

Our community’s welcoming environment is a result of our collective efforts to engage with each other, recognize contributions, celebrate and share our accomplishments, mentor each other, and advocate for our partners.

How will you get involved?​

There are many ways for you to contribute to OpenMRS and help us achieve our vision of improving patient care. Even better, you don’t have to be able to code in order to contribute!
With so many possibilities, it can be difficult to know where to start. This is why we have OpenMRS Flight Paths. OpenMRS Flight Paths are community-supported, opinionated paths to success within our community. You choose the best flight path for you, based on your interests, experience, skills, and availability.

Get to Know Us

Get ready for take off by becoming familiar with our community and how we work. Our Guide for the New and Curious will take you through the conventions that guide collaboration throughout our community, the platforms we use to communicate and collaborate, and where to find out more about our community’s direction. Most importantly, you’ll find all of the information you need to choose your flight path.

Explore Potential Flight Paths

Squads and Teams: Where we get stuff done

The real action in our community happens in small, autonomous groups. Each focuses on a specific activity or project related to our community’s technical and non-technical priorities. Squads usually focus on specific and discrete projects, like creating a web app to manage dictionaries or improving our FHIR capabilities. Teams focus on cross-cutting activities that provide support to multiple squads, like quality assurance or documentation.

Whatever your interest or skills, you can join a team, or a squad – or simply help out where you see a need. Our multi-disciplinary Squads and Teams bring together people with diverse skill sets. Figuring out what you like to do or what skills you want to grow is an important step to finding the right squad or team for you.

Do you like design?

  • Help us gather user needs
  • Propose or give feedback on new designs
  • Create a logo or banner for our community events

Do you like helping others?

  • Help newcomers get started
  • Review and give feedback on PRs
  • Serve as a mentor

Do you like to code?

  • Pick an open issue
  • Help write a new feature
  • Develop code

Do you like to write?

  • Contribute to our News Updates and blog
  • Expand our API documentation
  • Keep our Wiki up to date

Do you like to plan?

  • Curate tickets
  • Set up sprints
  • Organize a community meeting

Do you like to organize?

  • Organize community meetings
  • Organize Conferences and big events
  • Take care of programs like GSOC, GSOD

Do you like breaking things and then fixing them?

  • Set up a quality assurance plan for a release
  • Add test scenarios to our automated test framework
  • Conduct UAT

Do you like public speeking?

  • Moderate a conference session
  • Facilitate an OpenMRS University session
  • Create tutorials

Projects: What we're working on

Each active OpenMRS-related squad and team is working on a project that contributes to our product and community direction. Our most active projects respond to one of six specific country priorities and/or community pain points. Some projects are in the initial stages while others have been completed to a major extent. Some projects are managed by a single squad. Others are complex and have multiple squads working on complementary solutions.

Take some time to explore what we’re working on. When you’re ready to choose a flight path, we’ll be there to help you take off.

You are interested in improving healthcare workers’ use of OpenMRS for quality HIV data collection and access at point of care.

You are interested in a community experience that makes it simple to sharing, coordinating, and collaborating with other OpenMRS developers and implementers.

You want to to work on interoperable solutions that ease the use of quality data across program areas and health facilities, within a country and across borders.

You want to expand technical skills at the country level and within the community.

You want to make it easier for implementers to configure, deploy, and maintain OpenMRS at health facilities.

You are interested in making it easier and simpler for organizations go beyond identifying opportunities to collaborate and work together on robust solutions to shared pain points.

Are you an organization seeking for opportunities to work with other organizations?

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