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Celebrate the organizations and people who sustain OpenMRS, together.​

For almost 20 years, the OpenMRS Community has been a place where skilled technology professionals co-develop a robust electronic medical record system that health care providers rely on to provide the quality of healthcare where it’s needed most. The vast majority of these professionals work for the very same organizations responsible for implementing OpenMRS on the ground. 


Featured OpenMRS Community Partners

Organizations make a wide variety of contributions to the community. Regardless of where an organization is on this spectrum, we’re all contributing to our shared goal: improving patient care by creating an open source electronic medical record system.

A growing number of organizations, such as Mekom Solutions, Brown University, Palladium, and Partners and Health, dedicate time and resources to drive our core technology into the future. Others focus on customizing OpenMRS and supporting its use by health care providers at health facilities. Still others, like EGPAF, are taking steps to do both. 

Mekom Solutions

delivers digital health solutions anywhere while contributing to open-source software and medical informatics standards.

Learn more about Mekom's OpenMRS Footprint

Brown University

Brown's Clinical & Global Health Informatics Evaluation Lab focuses on clinical decision support, evaluation, and global health.

Partners In Health

collaborates with national governments to provide care and strengthen public health systems in areas including cancer and chronic disease, child health, emergency response, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, mental health, and tuberculosis.

The Palladium Group

works with governments, businesses, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

works with policymakers in the U.S. and around the world to drive the support, leadership, and resources needed to end HIV and AIDS in children, youth, and families.

Read on to learn more about OpenMRS Partnership Journeys or schedule a call with our Director of Community to talk about OpenMRS and partnerships.

OpenMRS Partnership Journeys

How organizations engage with the community when making these contributions also varies. Partnerships can be transformative and sustain OpenMRS when they are about collaboration as well as contribution. About aligned values and priorities. Mutual trust and respect. Shared ownership and decision making. Shared roles and resources. Open communication. Each organization is on their own journey, We’ve found  that organizations whose contributions are most widely adopted are often the result of two or more organizations collaborating with the community. 

OpenMRS Transformative Leader

Your organization thinks about how your priorities can create value for the community - and your business. Your team openly leads community-facing initiatives, projects, or work. They influence the community’s strategic product, technical, and/or community engagement directions and guide others on using community conventions.

OpenMRS Established Contributor

Your organization thinks about how your priorities can create value for the community and actively identifies areas of alignment with other organizations and the community. Your team is aligned with the community’s strategic product, technical, and/or community engagement directions and has adopted technical community conventions.

OpenMRS Emerging Contributor

Your organization thinks about ways your organization’s contributions can affect others in the community and the OpenMRS ecosystem. Representatives from your tech team participate, share, and learn about community priorities and needs by attending community events and occasionally joins and observes squad/team meetings.

OpenMRS Implementer

Your organization's primary focus is working with local stakeholders to customize and deploy a local version of OpenMRS at health facilities. You keep local OpenMRS implementations running so providers can use OpenMRS data to improve care.

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