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How OpenMRS talks to other systems

Many teams need their EMR to connect well with other systems. We want to help you find the answer to whether OpenMRS has previously been integrated with the systems you use, and to share practical resources you can follow to get started. Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know by posting in the OpenMRS forum. 


In general, the OpenMRS product has 2 major API options your team can leverage to call resources as required: 

Facility-Level Integrations

Billing and Inventory Management
  • Odoo
    • In Ozone: Odoo Config for the Ozone interoperability layer with OpenMRS: repo here, uses Odoo 14.0+ (Community Edition)
    • In Bahmni: Odoo 10.0-20190619 (Community Edition) built-in to latest Bahmni release
  • ERPNext: OpenMRS 3 community members are currently working on an OpenMRS <-> ERPNext integration. For more information join the #openmrs3 channel on the OpenMRS Slack. Integrating OpenMRS with ERPNext is also on the Ozone roadmap: Open source integration layer via Ozone planned for mid-March 2024. 
  • Crater: open-source app for expenses, payments, invoices & estimates. Bahmni-Lite is using Crater as a lightweight alternative to Odoo for invoicing & billing. Details here
SMS and WhatsApp
Data Visualization, Reporting, and Flattening
  • DHIS2 (Health Management Information System)
      • OpenMRS DHIS2 Connector Module: Module hereDemo Video #1 hereDemo Video #2 here
      • OpenMRS <> DHIS2 exchanging patient identifications and individual data (such as observations) through OpenFN – 5 minutes walkthrough video
      • FHIR-related: Members from the DHIS2 and OpenMRS communities are starting to collaborate on a FHIR-based integration strategy. We are seeking your use cases! Please contact grace[a] if you have a use case to share.
  • Apache Superset (Open Source data visualization tool)
    • Ozone Analytics, a versatile big data pipelines technology, streams data from OpenMRS to a data lake consumed by Apache Superset. More info here. Known OMRS Community Integrations: Cote d’Ivoire’s HIS Technical Working Group, ICRC (see some example ICRC Superset dashboards here).
  • PowerBI
    • Several implementers use SQL scripts to ETL from OpenMRS to a SQL Server where Power BI then consumes the transformed data (eg PIH, EGPAF). For more information consider posting to the OpenMRS Forum at 
  • Other Data Extraction Tools
    • Open Health Stack: The Analytics Pipeline of Open Health Stack is specifically called fhir-data-pipes. Known Community Member Integrations: Being used for Cote d’Ivoire OpenMRS analytics capture by ITECH. 
    • MambaETL: UCSF module for OpenMRS Data Flattening. Details here.
Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
Lab Analyzers and Lab Machines
  • OpenHIE Lab Information Sysytems COP and the Decoupled Analyzer Interface System (DAIS) – Community built middleware to connect clinical lab analyzers and convert their output to FHIR resources. 
  • Analyzer Interface Manuals: shared Folder here (e.g. ASTM, HL7v2 guides for common Lab Analyzers, since these guides are often difficult to find or even only available in CDROM)
CHW Community Health Worker Apps
Imaging, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), and RIS (Radiology Information System)
  • DCM4CHEE: Currently in Bahmni. Soon to come for Ozone.
System Monitoring
  • Grafana & Prometheus: Helpful with deployment of upgrades, application up-time and hard-drive health monitoring, backup monitoring, sync monitoring. See all servers where application is down so you can proactively contact those sites. (Prometheus listens for this information; Grafana helps you visualize them.) Used by ITECH Cote d’Ivoire: monitoring to manage 500 locally stored instances and pull up in local fhir store. Deployment and updates; remote management and monitoring tools – could work on data center or locally installed. E.g. can show you which sites did not yet upgrade and may need a manual intervention. Contact: digit[a] (Similar to CHT’s WatchDog setup).

National-Level Integrations (e.g. HIE, NDR)

Terminology Service / Terminology Registry / Dictionary Manager
  • OCL (Open Concept Lab)
Insurance, UHC, and Claim Management
  • openIMIS: openIMIS FHIR IG
    •  Out-of-the-box Integration Layer between OpenMRS v3 and openIMIS coming soon to Ozone (~end of April 2024).  
Facility Registry
  • GOFR (Facility Registry) – Uses FHIR’s MCSD profiles so OpenMRS can query those FHIR stores for the desired facility information. Known Community Member Integrations: ITECH 
  • Geoprism: Uses FHIR’s MCSD profiles so OpenMRS can query those FHIR stores for the desired facility information. 
Client Registry
  • OpenEMPI: Integration steps documented here.
  • OpenCR: Demo Video of OMRS and OpenCR integration, with installation guides and repository links, available here. Known Community Member Integrations: ITECH (Sigdep3 in Cote d’Ivoire and Isanteplus in Haiti). 
  • SanteMPISanteMPI Client OpenMRS Module
  • JeMPI: The new 2023 OpenMRS – JeMPI Integration Guide is here.
Interoperability Layer
  • OpenHIM: Demo video of OpenMRS integration using OpenHIM here, sample architecture here, and comparison to Apache Kafka here
  • Ozone Platform: Ozone’s interoperability layer. Data is directly pulled from a source OpenMRS MySQL database and wired onto camel routes in an effort to integrate OpenMRS with other systems without any use of the OpenMRS Java API or data model. More info here

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Please share your use case by posting in the OpenMRS forum at: 

 This page last updated: Feb 13 2024

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