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Get started on your journey with OpenMRS and follow the flight path that will get you to your professional destination.

New to OpenMRS 3?

OpenMRS 3 Fundamentals

New to OpenMRS or unfamiliar with OpenMRS 3, our new Reference Application? OpenMRS Fundamentals aims to give you the essential information and knowledge about OpenMRS 3, our community, and the collaborative development tools & practices we use to sustain our shared, Global Good

Online 9-12 January 2024

Live sessions, videos, readings

Approximately 10-12 hours

3.5 days at 2-3 hours per day

Frontend Technologies for OpenMRS 3

Are you new to frontend development and eager to help us build OpenMRS 3? Frontend Technologies for OpenMRS 3 is a collection of tutorials and resources that you can use to get up to speed on technologies (React, Typescript, Git, etc) our community uses.

Available Now

Online tutorials/courses, step-by-step guides, videos, and readings

Varies by tutorial

Ready to Level Up?

OpenMRS 3 Jumpstart!

Are you a technical professional involved in gathering requirements, managing concepts, configuring and developing OpenMRS for use at health facilities? This online bootcamp is designed to help you get a jumpstart with OpenMRS 3, our latest OpenMRS product.

Online in January 2024

Live sessions, videos, readings

Approximately 18 hours

6 days at 2-3 hours per day

OpenMRS 3 Coffee Break

Have you completed OpenMRS 3 Fundamentals and O3 Jumpstart - and still find yourself stuck? Join us for OpenMRS 3 Coffee Break, where you can get answers and work through issues with some of our community's most talented developers.

Every Monday through Thursday at 11:30am UTC
30 minutes daily
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