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Interested in inviting hundreds of implementers from around the world to your home country and hosting the 2018 Implementers’ Conference?

OMRS18 Host Application

One million reasons to celebrate…

Anonymous cryptocurrency philanthropist known as ‘Pine’ donates $1 million USD to OpenMRS. Read more about how this OpenMRS contributor is making a difference with $86 million USD!

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Pineapple fund donates $1 million USD to OpenMRS

Help OpenMRS Fight Malaria!

Having a free, open-source electronic medical record platform (EMR) gave these impacted health clinics the tools necessary to support patient care in an easy-to-understand electronic format.

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Children receiving care at a health clinic using OpenMRS in rural Uganda. Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that malaria is still the leading cause of death in Uganda, accounting for over 27% of deaths.

OpenMRS Distributions Program

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Introducing OpenMRS 2

Learn about our newest software offering. OpenMRS is now more than just a platform. Read why and try it today »

Introducing OpenMRS 2

OpenMRS users on the OpenMRS community

Our rapidly evolving program in Western Kenya is committed to fully integrated and comprehensive health care services extending from villages to hospitals. Every part of our work utilizes a single shared infrastructure — OpenMRS. It has become an indispensable backbone of every aspect of our future. — Joe Mamlin, MD, Field Director, AMPATH

The OpenMRS community is really diverse — academics, software developers, and health care workers. Our interest in working together to save lives is what binds us together. — Suranga Nath Kasthurirathne, Developer, Jembi Health Systems

OpenMRS is used in 5 of the countries where we work to support clinical care, reporting and clinical research for HIV, MDR-TB and heart failure treatment. — Partners in Health