Partnership in Profile: Brown University

Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics

Partner Path: Established Contributor to Transformative Leader

About Brown University

Brown’s Clinical & Global Health Informatics Evaluation Lab (CGHIE) Lab supports work in two main areas: (1) Global Health Informatics and (2) Diagnostic Decision Support. The lab has expertise in the development, implementation and evaluation of OpenMRS.

For more information, go to Brown’s Clinical & Global Health Informatics Evaluation Lab.

Brown University's OpenMRS Footprint

Brown University consistently demonstrates their alignment with OpenMRS’ vision and product strategy to build the tech that will improve patient lives together.

Through their commitment to collaboration, research, and by dedicating senior engineering talent to shared community priorities, Brown has established a strong reputation with other OpenMRS organizations and become an exemplary partner of the OpenMRS Community. 

Brown University has taken steps to ensure that our core community technology responds to emerging implementer needs and meets performance expectations. Their senior engineer is a trusted role model and highly valued mentor for many up and coming OpenMRS developers.

Since 2019, Brown has worked closely with the University of Washington’s Digital Initiative Group at I-TECH on major technical contributions to OpenMRS’ FHIR strategy and FHIR2 module. More recently, Brown is collaborating with AMPATH to build machine learning models to identify people at risk of treatment failure.

Through Brown University’s research and evaluation initiatives, OpenMRS has gained insight into the performance, data quality, usage, costs and
clinical impact of OpenMRS.

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