Month: January 2011

Flowsheet Code Jam in Chennai, India

Here’s a shout out to our friends at ThoughtWorks. They had a code jam on the OpenMRS Flowsheet Module a few weeks ago and knocked out over half a dozen key tickets in a single day as well as making progress on others. The Flowsheet Module is being installed into OpenMRS at AMPATH in Kenya

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OpenMRS 1.8.0 Beta Released

I’m glad to announce that OpenMRS 1.8.0 beta is now available! You can download it here. It is faster and optimized for better performance than the prior releases in several ways, since our main focus for this release was to address the performance bottlenecks in the core application and a couple of modules as the

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Developer Talk: Finding Unused Message Keys

Ben Wolfe is a core developer for OpenMRS. This information has been cross-posted from his blog. Over time the messages in our Spring files grow stale. When a developer updates/changes code he/she doesn’t necessarily go to the and remove all the keys that they removed from code. This has no detrimental effect on

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OpenMRS Spotlight: Roger Friedman, CDC Global HIV/AIDS

What does a sponsor/funder think of OpenMRS? In this video interview, OpenMRS community volunteer Glen McCallum talks to Roger Friedman of the US Centers for Disease Control Global AIDS Program. He overseas HIV-related projects in several countries world-wide. Here he shares incite from years of experience implementing clinical systems in low-resource settings.

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