Flowsheet Code Jam in Chennai, India

ThoughtWorks helps build the OpenMRS Flowsheet Module in Chennai, India

Here’s a shout out to our friends at ThoughtWorks. They had a code jam on the OpenMRS Flowsheet Module a few weeks ago and knocked out over half a dozen key tickets in a single day as well as making progress on others. The Flowsheet Module is being installed into OpenMRS at AMPATH in Kenya to allow both data managers and providers convenient access to their patients’ data and to help improve the efficiency and quality of care for the over 300,000 patients within the system… thanks to: Khaarthigha S, Rajiv RA, Pavithra K, Geetha B, Saravana K, Arvind Kumar C, Senthil V S, Prabha P, Shanum, Ponnulingam R, Alexal, Vinoth KR, Nithyan, Gobinath T, Balaji G, Ragavan G, and Chandru. You all rock! And it looks like you had some fun in the process. I especially enjoyed the image of two laptops per lap!

Flowsheet Code Jam in Chennai, India

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