Partnership in Profile: Palladium Kenya

The Palladium Group - Kenya

Partner Path: Emerging Contributor to Established Contributor

About Palladium

Palladium works with governments, businesses, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Making the world a better place is their business, and they believe that collaborative models and systemic approaches are the way to achieve progress and success.

For more information about Palladium’s projects in Kenya, click here.

Notable 2023 Contributions

2,023 KenyaEMR implementations

OpenMRS 3 Appointment Management

OpenMRS 3 Queues

Palladium Kenya's OpenMRS Footprint

Palladium embraces global goods such as OpenMRS, with different units working together in a way that leads to implementation and development successes, both locally and globally. Already known as the stewards of one of OpenMRS’ largest, national scale implementations, their engineering team is rapidly becoming a team to follow when it comes to establishing trusted relationships with other technical teams in the ecosystem. Palladium is showing the way when it comes to “pooling” resources that will decrease duplication of development effort as well as reduce their own technical debt and maintenance burden.

Implementation Leaders

On the ground in Kenya, Palladium currently supports KenyaEMR implementation at 1,867 health facilities. As a result, health care providers at these sites are using OpenMRS to provide services to 1,164,087 active patients as of April 2023. Such success at scale comes from a team who has used innovative approaches to implementation, including stakeholder engagement, change management, advocacy, capacity strengthening, and product management.

Collaborative Development

The technical team at Palladium Kenya has a  growing reputation within the OpenMRS Community as key contributors in the OpenMRS 3 space. In 2022, Palladium developers Antony Ojwang, Cynthia Kamau, and Kennedy Makombe made OpenMRS’ Top Devs list. Their team is among the few in the OpenMRS ecosystem with hands-on experience with all three major OpenMRS form technologies: HTML Forms, O3 Angular Form Engine, and OHRI React Form Engine.  Through collaboration and with mentorship from the community’s Quality Assurance Support Team, Palladium’s team is now cascading automated quality assurance practices.

Now regular members of our Frontend Squad, Palladium’s business analysts and developers are among the earliest users our new OpenMRS 3 technology and design systems. This led to increased sharing and coordination with other organizations, including AMPATH, Brown, and the Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Support (METS)  program in Uganda. These collaborations produced new OpenMRS 3 features supporting appointment management and service queues that other OpenMRS implementations can now adopt.  

Through their engagement with others in the OpenMRS community, Palladium is now emerging as a technical leader in the community, driving the OpenMRS product roadmap through active representation on OpenMRS’ Roadmap Collective group.

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