Conference 2021

2021 OpenMRS Virtual Implementers Conference

Building Trusted, Resilient Systems Together
November 29- December 2, 2021

About the Conference

Please join us for the 2021 OpenMRS Implementer’s Conference!
For 15 years, the OpenMRS Community has come together to share experiences, demo solutions, and dive into the questions and challenges facing OpenMRS developers and implementers worldwide. 

This year objectives are:

Building Shared OpenMRS Assets

Assuring the Quality of OpenMRS Products

Determing Implementation Strategies for OpenMRS 3.0

Join Us for the Conference


How to Participate

Lightning Talks

5 minute presentation where you can demo a solution, share or propose a technical approach or design, or talk about anything you think is important for our community to know about or engage with.

Implementer Showcase:

 5-10 minute show & tell presentations that focus on 1-2 of your most significant achievements and your three top priorities for 2022.  We also have some 10 minutes time slots set aside for showcases on specific themes, such as data exchange, user experience, implementation strategies, and professional capacity development.

Unconferencing Sessions:

45-60 minutes sessions on topics that meeting participants are most interested in. On November 29, we’ll have a session where meeting participants propose and vote on unconferencing sessions for the rest of the meeting.

For more details, check out our schedule

Our Sponsors

Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Individual Sponsorship $250 and above

  1. Andrew Kanter
  2. Jonathan Teich
  3. Ian Bacher

Individual Sponsorship $25 and above

  1. Burke Mamlin
  2. Grace Potma
  3. Piotr Mankowski
  4. La Shanda Rorie
  5. Neruvu Group, LLC
  6. Sara Boston
  7. Khaled Bediri
  8. James Morgan

Who should attend?

  • Is your country using OpenMRS – or considering it?
  • Do you want to share your OpenMRS experience with others?
  • Do you have experience or interest in customizing OpenMRS?
  • Are you building systems and want to integrate with OpenMRS?
  • Are you planning to implement OpenMRS at a facility or at scale?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, our Implementers’ Meeting is for you!

Why you should attend?

  • Connect with others using the platform around the world
  • See what the community and implementers are building
  • Discover how to collaborate with OpenMRS on shared assets

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Implementers’ Meeting is for you!

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