Partnership in Profile: Mekom Solutions

Mekom Solutions

Partner Path: Established Contributor to Transformative Leader

About Mekom Solutions

Mekom Solutions delivers digital health solutions anywhere while contributing to open-source software and medical informatics standards.

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Mekom's OpenMRS Footprint

By aligning their business strategy with community product priorities, Mekom is making OpenMRS more sustainable – while sharing maintenance and risk with other organizations contributing at the same level. 

In 2019, Mekom chose to invest in OpenMRS’ new frontend framework and have rapidly become one of the most active organizations working on OpenMRS 3, committing development resources to take the first release of OpenMRS 3 across the finish line. As technical leaders, Mekom Solutions routinely proposes and engages in strategic conversations on community priorities reflected on the OpenMRS Product Roadmap. Their senior developers often mentor promising community talent – many of whom later join their development team. 

Mekom’s willingness to dedicate their resources to critical, shared priorities and openly collaborate in community spaces has gained the trust of many community members and organizations. 

Mekom Solutions’ journey with OpenMRS began in 2015. They configure and deploy OpenMRS in health facilities and train health care providers to use OpenMRS in several countries, from Cambodia to Liberia.


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