Year: 2011

OpenMRS 1.9 Beta Released

Thanks to everyone who tested our alpha release of 1.9. We have released 1.9 Beta which you can get from the downloads page. See the changes since alpha in the release notes. We have also released a module to help you test this beta using your existing data. Read more about it from: Release Testing

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IRD Showcases OpenMRS for MDR-TB

Today during our weekly OpenMRS Implementers Forum, Ali Habib, Director of Informatics for Interactive Research and Development (IRD), gave a demo on IRD’s use of the MDR-TB module. According to Ali, “Tajikistan has one of the highest rates of MDR-TB in the world, and there was a need for improved data collection and management for

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Another Successful Google Summer of Code!

Earlier this year, OpenMRS participated once again in Google Summer of Code, a worldwide program organized by Google’s Open Source Programs Office to expose university students to the world of free and open source software, and encourage those students to become long-term contributors to projects that interest them. OpenMRS has been participating in Summer of

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OpenMRS at the Google Doc Sprint Summit

The words “You’re going to write a book …” didn’t sink in the first time he said it mid-morning on Monday. Then just before lunch I heard it again “The books you will be writing this week …” At the break we had a moment to ourselves: Michael, Rafal, Darius, and myself. We were like,

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OpenMRS 1.9 Alpha Release

I’m pleased to announce that OpenMRS 1.9 alpha is now available!  You can download it  here. Note that this version of OpenMRS is a pre-release and not considered worthy for production use. Please help us and the community by taking a few minutes to test the best features that you currently use and the new

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Google Summer of Code Student Meets the OpenMRS Community

Recently, I had the rare privilege of attending the annual implementers conference of OpenMRS, my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) mentoring organization. Thanks largely to the conference sponsorship by Google, OpenMRS was able to fund my week-long visit to Kigali, Rwanda. I travelled over 4,500 miles to Rwanda, and spent a week meeting with core

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Reorganizing the OpenMRS weekly calls

Our community has grown and evolved significantly over the years, and sometimes we need to reorganize the way we do things. Based on feedback from OpenMRS community members we’ve gone back to the drawing board and put together a slate of OpenMRS-related calls that should make our community more effective, and improve collaborations in the

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Announcing OpenMRS Answers

We’re proud to announce OpenMRS Answers, a new resource to get support in the OpenMRS community. Check it out now: The Answers service works in cooperation with other OpenMRS support resources including our mailing lists and wiki, to serve as a clearinghouse for people to ask questions about using or developing with OpenMRS. Along

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Now available: OpenMRS 1.8.2

I’m pleased to announce the availability of OpenMRS 1.8.2. In this minor release,  below are the bugs that were fixed with one major one: (Major) A fix to display the last 3 encounters  for a patient on the form entry tab on the patient dashboard which was broken. The concept statistics page was also fixed for

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OpenMRS 1.8.1 Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce the availability of OpenMRS 1.8.1. In this minor release, a couple of bugs have been fixed and a few minor enhancements have been added. There are no database changes since OpenMRS 1.8.0. As a reminder, we now offer a new “standalone” version of OpenMRS. With this version, everything you need to

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