Reorganizing the OpenMRS weekly calls

Our community has grown and evolved significantly over the years, and sometimes we need to reorganize the way we do things. Based on feedback from OpenMRS community members we’ve gone back to the drawing board and put together a slate of OpenMRS-related calls that should make our community more effective, and improve collaborations in the broader OpenMRS ecosystem.

We’d like to announce this revamped weekly OpenMRS call schedule, which will start next week on August 31 and September 1:


OpenMRS University – Wednesday 1-2pm UTC

Goals: Introducing developers and implementers to OpenMRS and open-source best practices. Building a library of training materials and screencasts.

Who: New developers, interns, implementers. (Open to anyone.)

Example topics:

  • Q&A sessions
  • Coding, e.g. Liquibase, Hibernate, custom use of the Reporting Module
  • Open-source process, e.g. how to do code review
  • How Tos, e.g. Sync, HTML Form Entry, XForms
  • Design, e.g. Balsamiq Mockups


Technical Design Forum – Wednesday 6-8pm UTC

Goals: High- and low-level design of the most pressing features, architecture, development processes. (In-depth technical discussions are guaranteed.)

Who: Advanced Developers and Architects
Next week’s topic: Tools to improve release and testing processes, Sprint scheduling

Example topics:

  • Design for the upcoming sprint. Design for the sprint after that.
  • Design features for future OpenMRS versions
  • Reviewing branches for inclusion in a release (e.g. providers, metadata localization, order entry)


Implementer Community Forum – Thursday 1-2pm UTC

Goals: Letting implementers and consumers of OpenMRS share best practices and problems, and communicate needs to developers. (No “in the weeds” technical discussions allowed.)

Who: Implementers, Developers (as listeners), API Consumers, Users
Next week’s topic: Introductions, “Where do you want your implementation to be in 2 years?”, and Agenda Planning for subsequent calls

Example Topics:

  • Showcase how OpenMRS, modules, etc, are being used in implementations
  • Demos of completed features and modules
  • High-level needs assessment for future features
  • Open sessions for new, interested parties to present work that might further support OpenMRS


Developer Community Forum – Thursday 2-3pm UTC

Goals: Helping developers in different parts of the OpenMRS ecosystem collaborate and be aware of ongoing work they can leverage. Letting OpenMRS-interested groups investigate how their project fits in with others. (Low-level technical discussions are allowed.)

Who: All Developers (core devs, volunteers, devs for partner organizations, devs for OpenMRS consumers)
Next week’s topic: Developer Introductions (“What is everyone out there working on?”)

Example topics:

  • Road Map updates
  • Demos of works in progress
  • Outreach to other developer communities (OpenEHR, Pentaho, MoTeCH, …)
Reorganizing the OpenMRS weekly calls

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