OpenMRS 1.9 Beta Released

Thanks to everyone who tested our alpha release of 1.9. We have released 1.9 Beta which you can get from the downloads page. See the changes since alpha in the release notes.

We have also released a module to help you test this beta using your existing data. Read more about it from: Release Testing Helper Module, and download it from here.

Please help us get there sooner by giving feedback and bug reports on this beta release. If you find any bugs, please report them in our ticket tracking system.

Upcoming End Of Life Announcements:
The 1.6.x line will reach EOL with the next major release (1.9.0)

A very big thank you to all who have made this happen!!!

Daniel Kayiwa
On Behalf of the OpenMRS community

OpenMRS 1.9 Beta Released

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