Update from the OpenMRS Leadership Team

The OpenMRS leadership team (including Paul Biondich and Burke Mamlin, winners of the 2016 AMIA Donald A. B. Lindberg Innovation Award) met this week to reaffirm our commitment to creating and supporting the vibrant OpenMRS community that continues to develop and support OpenMRS software, partnerships, and implementations.

We are enthusiastic to see new products growing out of the OpenMRS code and community, such as Bahmni and LibreHealth. Bahmni has developed an OpenMRS distribution that specifically caters to hospital management in resource constrained settings and contributes code back to the OpenMRS code base. LibreHealth is developing a new product, still evolving, based on the open-source OpenMRS platform; we look forward to their consideration of active contribution back to the OpenMRS code base.

OpenMRS welcomes new implementations, sites, and code contributions from all. Contact us through http://openmrs.org/join-the-community/

The OpenMRS Leadership Team

Update from the OpenMRS Leadership Team

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