Introducing the OpenMRS QA Team!

I am happy to announce that thanks to SolDevelo ( ) , an Open MRS Quality Assurance Team has been formed!

We are a team dedicated to help maintaining software quality. So far we are involved in testing the OpenMRS Reference Application module, but hope to handle also other modules in the future. We are creating new test cases organized in Test Cycles, and execute them finding bugs in the process.

We also maintain activity in the “QA” category at OpenMRS Talk — — to inform OpenMRS community about strange and unexpected application behavior. We hope to contribute to future OpenMRS Releases and other important milestones for the application.

Here is the list of people currently in the QA Team squad:

  • Tomasz Mueller, SolDevelo
  • Natalia Płonka, SolDevelo
  • Ada Yeung
  • Rafał Korytkowski

We are still inviting anyone that wishes to contribute to OpenMRS quality to join our team! You can find detailed description of our work and an instruction on how to join on the OpenMRS Wiki, at:

We look forward to working with you!
Tomasz Mueller (tmueller) and the rest of the OpenMRS QA Team

Introducing the OpenMRS QA Team!

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