Platform 2.0 Released!

It is a moment of great jubilation for the OpenMRS community as we announce the final release of Platform 2.0. This marks the beginning of a new generation of OpenMRS Platforms that fully embrace the role of a Platform i.e they serve as a true back-end service and provide a foundation upon which people can innovate with modern web application frameworks.

Some of the release milestones for this release include :

  1. Migrate to latest tech-stack : Java8, Hibernate 4.x, Spring 4.x
  2. Add FHIR support
  3. Add support for Open Web Apps (OWA)
  4. Introduce Allergy API in core
  5. Removal of deprecated methods
  6. Support all core services via REST-WS module
  7. Support Legacy-UI as a module

The Release Notes talk in more detail about these milestones and should get you excited to try out Platform 2.0. You can download the .war file and the standalone from Sourceforge. Module Developers can follow this guide to migrate to Platform 2.0

We always like to hear about the experience of the users and implementers. Please feel free to post on talk or find @maany, @dkayiwa, @wluyima, @raff on the irc for any feed/suggestions or just to talk about Platform 2.0 in general.

Platform 2.0 has been a great community effort and I would like to congratulate and raise a toast to all the developers/testers and the contributors for their amazing efforts in making this release possible.

Mayank Sharma
Release Manager, Platform 2.0


Platform 2.0 Released!

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