Our new look!

We’re proud to unveil our new OpenMRS community portal! Thanks to your many thoughts, suggestions, and direct contributions over the past year, we overhauled the OpenMRS web presence to hopefully be both more cohesive and intuitive for you all. Underlying most of this overhaul are a series of new technologies which we’ve slowly unveiled in an early form over the past couple of months. For example, we now have RSS aggregation occurring throughout all of our services (wiki, blogs, forums, trac site, and mailing lists). We’ve made all of this content available for your convenience in a single, aggregated feed. We’ve created a simple browser portal which contains a subset of this content, as well as a fully filterable service which is described on this wiki page. Having this master feed allows us to do cool stuff like what we’ve done on our new front page.

Probably much more obvious though is the new design overhaul, which once again was a product of your continual feedback and advice. Special credit needs to be given to Adam Aisen, an OpenMRS summer intern who worked with us at the Regenstrief offices in Indianapolis. He’s responsible for the consistent look and feel throughout. Thanks to Adam, we have a complete mediawiki redesign, along with updates of our forums to phpBB3, and reskins to our trac site, our feedjack RSS aggregator, our modules site, our demo site, and our news blog. Impressive work indeed! If you have thoughts or feedback for us, please contact Adam or the OpenMRS crew!

Our new look!

One thought on “Our new look!

  1. The website looks great indeed! It’s the first time I see a social outreach software with this great information for those willing to contribute, and all very pretty also 🙂 Kudos to you guys 🙂

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