Our Collaborative Future Together: Highlights from our first Virtual Spring Community Showcase & Meeting

In early April, close to 100 people from 20 countries and over 35 organizations attended our first two-day Spring Community Showcase & Meeting

Country-level Priorities + Implementer Challenges = OpenMRS Community Directions

Being user-driven is a fundamental OpenMRS value. At the global community level, we’re listening closely to what countries and implementers have to say about their priorities and challenges. What we hear informs the direction of our product and community engagement initiatives. 

Our first virtual Spring Community Meeting & Showcase set the stage by taking a look at country-level priorities shared by ministry of health representatives, where they intersect with our community’s priorities, and highlighting the current solutions squads are working to improve access to data, remove obstacles to data exchange, make deployment easier, and bolster developer capacity. Missed this session? Click here to watch the recording.

Squads: Getting it Done in 2021

Squad showcases are becoming a staple of our community meetings. These show-and-tells give squads a chance to demo their work early on and gives others a chance to share their insights & lessons learned – spurring innovation. Couldn’t make the April showcases? Click here to discover what OpenMRS teams and squads are working on – and how you can join them.

The Future is Here: OpenMRS 3.0 Framework

The OpenMRS Community has heard more than a few problems from implementers. “Exchanging data is so much work.” “Setting up concepts costs valuable dev time.” “Site set up & configuration takes too much time.” “We’re duplicating efforts because we can’t share frontend features.” Over the past two years, several organizations and individuals have come together in different OpenMRS squads to build shared solutions to these challenges. Some of these solutions, like the OpenMRS Dictionary Manager, are being used by implementations today. Others are working towards proofs of concept or minimum viable products. What do they all have in common? Together, they are the OpenMRS 3.0 Framework. Want to know more about the 3.0 Framework? Click here and watch the session.

Our Collaborative Future Together: Highlights from our first Virtual Spring Community Showcase & Meeting

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