OpenMRS Sync 2.0 MVP released!

I am happy to announce that thanks to SolDevelo ( )
, an MVP for the Sync 2.0 module has been released.

It is a solution that can be used for synchronizing data in hierarchical
deployments of OpenMRS servers. Sync 2.0 is using FHIR (or the OpenMRS REST
API) and Atom Feeds in order to synchronize the data between servers. The
MVP can currently be used for synchronizing Patient objects between OpenMRS
instances and was deployed to a demo infrastructure.

Important improvements that were done to comparing to the first version of
OpenMRS Sync module are the usage of FHIR and REST API to synchronize the
data as well as audit logs listing out every synchronization operation for

Synchronization on the demo is set to run every 30 seconds which can be
changed, as well as it is possible to run it manually.

OpenMRS Sync 2.0 is currently compatible with OpenMRS 2.+.

Other features which are yet to be developed include:

– a calculation of items remaining to be synchronized.
– a Sync history that will not be overwritten by the Sync transaction.
– synchronizing Visits, Locations, Encounters, Obs, etc.

Tomasz Mueller and the rest of the SolDevelo team

OpenMRS Sync 2.0 MVP released!

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