OpenMRS Reference Application 2.10.0 Released

I would want to gladly announce the awaited Reference Application 2.10.0 Release.
It’s built on Platform 2.3.0 and includes bug fixes to over 40 modules.
With this release,

1) we removed the Chart Search Module From the Reference Application Modules list
2) we also developed the Growth Chart Module for Reference Application, but also not bundled with in the distribution.
3) Another major improvement is the inclusion of Bootstrap into the Reference Application
4) We included a functional Condition List feature.
5) We have also included a Metadata Package for over 200 Covid-19 related Concepts as a starter package.

Please see the Release Notes and the Release Road Map for more information .
As always, if you find any bugs, feel free to report them in our ticket tracking system.

You may download this release From SourceForge using this link

I would want to thank the Entire Community for the tireless effort in achieving this Release.
In a special way, I would want to thank Daniel Kayiwa ,Dimitri R ,Mark Goodrich , Stephen Musoke ,Ruhanga Nathan ,Kaweesi Joseph for their efforts in achieving this.

Special thanks also goes to Cintia Del Rio for her tireless efforts n ensuring our infrastructure is functioning and JenniferAntilla for her guidance and follow up on the release activities.

I would also want to thank Ayeshmantha Perera and Haripriya Reddy for their great contribution towards Reference Application during their GSOC-2019 participation .

Please join me in congratulating and raising a toast to all the developers, testers and the contributors for their amazing efforts in making this release possible.

Kind Regards,
Mutesasira Moses
Release Manager

OpenMRS Reference Application 2.10.0 Released

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