OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0 Released

This is to let everyone know that the OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0 has been released!. This is a major release version of the OpenMRS API that follows 2.5.8.

Something exciting and worth mentioning is that the alpha and beta releases have successfully been tested against the UAT Platform Server, the qarefapp server and openMRS 3.0 with no issues/bugs recorded.

Below are some of the changes/features that are introduced by OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0:-

Important Links

Special thanks goes to @abertnamanya with whom i have worked to have this platform version released and to everyone that has contributed greatly to this particular version of platform @dkayiwa @burke @ibacher @mseaton @mogoodrich.

Thanks to the QA Team (@kdaud @sharif @irenyak1 @christine) for the automated tests which revolutionized and made the release process seamless.


Openmrs Platform 2.6.0 Release Manager

Herman Muhereza (@mherman22 )

OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0 Released

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