OpenMRS Platform 1.10.0 Released!

OpenMRS 1.10.0 has just been released.

The release mainly contains a re-work of the order entry API and some bug fixes.

A huge thanks to the 25+ people that contributed code to this release: Ak, Alexis Cartier, Andras Szell, Bharti Nagpal, Damian Szafranek, Daniel Kayiwa, Darius Jazayeri, Deepak N, Harsha Kumara, Gitahi Ng’ang’a, Jakub Kondrat, Kaweesi Joseph, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, Lech Rozanski, Mark Goodrich, Mhawila Ahmed Mihir Khatwani, Mujir Shaikh, Nicholas Ingosi Magaja, Rafal Korytkowski, Rohan Poddar, Shruthi Dipali, Vinay Venu, Vinkesh Banka, Wyclif Luyima.

Not to mention all the people that contributed in countless other ways to support this release and be a great part of the shaping it: Burke Mamlin, Paul Biondich, Ryan Yates, Michael Downey, Elliot Williams, Anushya Prasad, Mike Seaton, Andy Kanter, Shasha Lui, Chris Power, Jonathan Teich, Roger Friedman.

For download instructions and details, have a look at the release notes page.

Wyclif Luyima
On behalf of the OpenMRS community

OpenMRS Platform 1.10.0 Released!

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