OpenMRS Meeting in Boston

On May 26th we had an OpenMRS developers and implementers meeting in Boston at Harvard Medical School. The goal was to introduce people in the US east coast to OpenMRS, and to give developers, users and potential users a chance to meet and learn about the system. We also provided phone and Skype connections for international groups, and had 13 people from Kigali, Rwanda on the OpenMRS training course participating, along with others from Peru, Nicaragua and the US. The slides were put on Slideshare before each lecture.

We also had breakouts in the afternoon on topics chosen partly by the audience. We will add those results to the Wiki. This meeting was at short notice to take advantage of having key team members like Chris Seebregts in Boston. In future we will try to plan meetings more in advance and widen the audience as well as improve on our live presence.

OpenMRS Meeting in Boston

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