OpenMRS feature on PRI’s The World

2 thoughts on “OpenMRS feature on PRI’s The World

  1. I listened to the PRI interview yesterday with great interest. A number of years ago, we conducted a successful world-wide fund-raising program in the medical field, at no cost to the recipient non-profit foundation. It resulted in volunteers, donations, and materials over several years for the duration of their mandate. Would you be interested in hearing more about our service which would be to run a large-scale development program on your behalf? If so, please give me the names and telephone numbers of your principals.
    Best regards,Elliott Newman, President, Lifeline Marketing

  2. Elliott, wow. Not sure how prepared we are for a world-wide marketing campaign, but it definitely sounds good. Send an email to paul/burke/hamish at and they can get you details on our current status.

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