OpenMRS 1.4 RC Released

We now have the long-awaited release candidate for OpenMRS 1.4. You can find this on the pre-releases section of the downloads page.

What does “Release Candidate” mean? This is not yet a final release: we recommend that most people continue running their production systems off the latest stable release, which is 1.3.4. But at this point 1.4 has been through quite a bit of testing, and we’re pretty confident that it’s good to go. We’d love to see even more of you download and test it: assuming all goes well we will be doing the final release in the next 2 weeks.

The biggest improvement is a bit below the radar and won’t be immediately visible: there has been a data model change that allows us to represent concept names in a much richer way. You can read more about that here.

There are numerous bug fixes in all parts of the system as well. As a random example, we now support names with more than three components (Hola Latinoamerica!).

Thanks to everyone who did alpha and beta testing. We wouldn’t be confident that things were fairly bug-free if you all weren’t out there doing testing, and finding bugs. If you reported a bug in 1.4, then I owe you a beer or a fanta citron next time I’m in your area. 🙂


PS- For those who are curious, the bugs fixed since 1.4 Beta 2 are listed here.
The bugs fixed since the very first 1.4 pre-release are listed here.

OpenMRS 1.4 RC Released

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