OpenMRS 1.6 Released!

Hi All,

OpenMRS version 1.6 is officially released. We recommend that all users upgrade to this version. You may download it here.
See the release notes for a complete list of changes, but three to highlight are:

  • Patients are allowed to be Users
  • Logic has been removed from the OpenMRS core and is now a required core module
  • You need Java 1.6+
A huge thanks to the 40 people that contributed code to this release: Agnor, arthurs, ayeung, ball, bmckown, bwolfe, cliff.mcintosh, dfuterman, djazayeri, dthomas, emendez, ewolodzko, hkwathome, jamesm, jmiranda, Keelhaul, Knoll_Frank, luzhuangwei, madanmohan, mkopinsky, mogoodrich, mseaton, msheley, nimanthab, n.nehete, nribeka, Pascal, r0bby, rarcos, rcrichton, samrajni, slorenz, sunbiz, suneeth, syhaas, tmdugan, upul, yatitandon, wyclif, zabilcm
OpenMRS 1.6 Released!

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