OpenMRS 1.6 Beta Released

Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who tested our alpha release of 1.6, we’re releasing 1.6 Beta. You can get it on the downloads page.

We’ve made only two significant changes since the alpha:

  • We’ve implemented “core modules” properly, meaning that we may now have modules that are required by core, and OpenMRS will not start up if they are not present. (The purpose is to make it easier for feature development to happen independently. Logic is the only one of these at the moment.)
  • We had switched the role name from “System Developer” to “Administrator” but we’ve switched that back. It will change to Administrator again in the future, but not until we have added an integer primary key to the table so that we may correctly rename the role, instead of deleting and re-adding it. (Thanks Mark Goodrich for testing with the Patient Flags module and catching this.)

You can see the additional trivial changes in the release notes.

We still need to see some further testing of Beta release before we’re ready to move onto a release candidate. And I’m actually going on vacation for a week, taking my best coolers with me. So…go ahead and test away so that when I get back we’ll be all set to release. 🙂


OpenMRS 1.6 Beta Released

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