OpenMRS 1.6 Alpha Released

Hi OpenMRS Community,

Our first alpha preview release of OpenMRS 1.6 is ready!

First off, I’d like to thank the 35 developers who contributed code to this release: Agnor, arthurs, ayeung, ball, bmckown, bwolfe, cliff.mcintosh, dfuterman, djazayeri, dthomas, emendez, ewolodzko, hkwathome, jamesm, jmiranda, Keelhaul, Knoll_Frank, luzhuangwei, madanmohan, mkopinsky, mogoodrich, mseaton, msheley, n.nehete, nribeka, Pascal, r0bby, rarcos, rcrichton, samrajni, sunbiz, suneeth, tmdugan, upul, yatitandon

You can read the release notes here or, if you’re impatient, you can go straight to the prerelease downloads page.

Note that this is a PRE-release, intended for testing, and not for production deployment. The changes made in 1.6 are much less invasive than those we made in 1.5, so I expect there to be far fewer bugs, and I expect us to be able to get to beta, or even to a release candidate, within a couple weeks. But to do that we need your help. We need people to install 1.6 alpha, play around with it and look for bugs.

There are three specific things I’d really like to ask for help testing:

  • Everyone, even if you don’t have time for thorough testing, should try making a copy of their database, upgrading it by running this 1.6 alpha war, and reporting any failures
  • People who use logic should test their code and make sure it still works now that most logic code has been pulled out into a module
  • If you want to have Patients-who-are-Users then that is now possible. Please test it!
  • Module owners should re-test their modules, because of a small number of unavoidable non-backwards-compatible changes. HTML Form Entry is broken, for instance.

A week from today I would like to release an alpha-2 or a beta release, so do your testing sooner rather than later.


OpenMRS 1.6 Alpha Released

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