OMRS20: What About Site Visits?

“Wish I could visit in person, but this was the next best visit.”

The opportunity to go to a health facility and see health care providers actually using OpenMRS is usually an Implementers Meeting highlight. With this year’s virtual format, we weren’t quite sure how this could happen.

NepalEHR to the rescue! Sanjay Poudel and his team showed us how we could visit one of their sites in Nepal – without rushing for that last seat on the bus, traveling for hours, or disrupting work at the facility. Together, we traveled to Bayalpata Hospital where clinicians walked us through the clinic and how NepalEHR, powered by OpenMRS, is integrated into their daily work. This virtual site visit turned out to be a star attraction at OMRS20!

Couldn’t make OMRS20 this year? Missed a session? Simply go to our 2020 Virtual Implementers Meeting schedule and click on the hyperlinks for a replay.

OMRS20: What About Site Visits?

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