New Release Managers for 2015

We are pleased to announce release managers for upcoming OpenMRS releases. Both are Google Summer of Code 2015 students who volunteered to be release managers. Yay!

(FYI – you can follow release plans and progress on the OpenMRS Technical Road Map page)

Tharunya Pati (tharunya) is the Release Manager for Reference Application 2.3

Tharunya has recently moved from India to the U.S. to pursue a Masters in Information Systems at Northeastern University, Boston campus. She completed her under-graduation as Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. During Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2015, she developed the Legacy UI module which will allow our legacy UI to live on within an optional module as it is removed from the platform. Tharunya will guide us through the release of Reference Application 2.3 by the end of next month. This will include additional administrative functions, an OCL subscription module to help automate CIEL updates, and begin official support for MariaDB.

Mayank Sharma (maany) is the Release Manager for Platform 2.0

Mayank is a sophomore at the National Institute of Technology, Delhi, and a FOSS enthusiast introduced to OpenMRS through the Fossasia summit in Singapore. He is an Oracle Certified Associate, Java Programmer, a two-time GSoC student (jMonkeyEngine in 2014, OAuth for OpenMRS in 2015), and was recently named our first Developer Tools Manager. Mayank will guide us through the release of Platform 2.0 by the end of the year. This long-awaited move to 2.0 for the platform will include many major advances, including official support for Java 8, upgrades to key libraries (Spring and Hibernate), and clearing out a decade’s worth of accumulated deprecated methods and features. Modules authors be ready for upcoming announcements on preparing for Platform 2.0 support.

New Release Managers for 2015

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