Help support OpenMRS financially this Holiday Season

What’s Going On?

Over 40 million people in developing countries are infected with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, multi-drug–resistant tuberculosis, and malaria. Outbreaks of Ebola and other viruses could threaten tens of millions more. The immense threats to global health equity require simple, easy to use, and cost effective healthcare systems and health IT.

How is OpenMRS Making a Difference?

Since 2004, the OpenMRS community has pioneered the world’s most effective health information infrastructure: a free, open-source medical record system as a platform for developing countries. A worldwide network of volunteers in technology, healthcare, and international development has worked to build and implement the world’s largest and most flexible technology platform to support healthcare delivery in the most challenging environments.

OpenMRS has developed a practical, effective, and sustainable medical record platform to resource-limited facilities and we’ve helped over 5 million patients in more than 1,800 healthcare clinics in over 60 countries.

Sustainable healthcare infrastructure remains essential to meet the continuing and evolving healthcare needs of these vulnerable populations, and OpenMRS supports the implementers that depend on our medical record system

Here’s How You Can Save Lives…

With your support, we can meet the needs of healthcare teams and communities that rely on OpenMRS. Please consider a generous donation to OpenMRS. Whether you give $15 or $1,500, you’ll help ensure that OpenMRS remains an effective resource for vulnerable communities, afflicted patients, and heroic healthcare providers who need it most. Every donation helps, no matter how small.

Your gift today makes a huge impact and helps save lives.

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution as a gift for a friend or family member who will appreciate the work of OpenMRS. Donate to OpenMRS in their names! Thank you for your generosity.

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Help support OpenMRS financially this Holiday Season

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