Google Code-in 2018 with OpenMRS Concludes

GCI with OpenMRS

After a lengthy, exciting 7 weeks, the Google Code-in 2018 (GCI) program has finally come to an end. 2018 served as the largest year for OpenMRS with a 52.4% increase in students up to a total of 823 from all over the world and a 169.3% increase in tasks completed to a total of 1072, making OpenMRS one of the largest organizations by task count in GCI this year.

To all the students who participated and took part in contributing to the organization, it’s been a pleasure having you all and we congratulate you for all the progress you’ve made along this journey. From the mentoring team, we’ve seen all the talent within you and were inspired by the energy you possess. The growth you’ve made over these 7 weeks continues to amaze us all and reading about your experiences gives us a heartwarming vibe as we’re sad to see the competition end, but glad to have you all as new members of the community. From the coding tasks to the design tasks to all the additional work done, OpenMRS is proud of all the contributions and ideas you’ve shared. We hope to see you all become future OpenMRS contributors!

To all the mentors who devoted their time and energy during these busy weeks, thank you all for sharing your expertise and experience with these students whom without the program may have never had the opportunity at such a young ages to contribute to open source software in use around the world. We are all grateful for the time you put into teaching students and input you shared to improve the educational experience to make this the largest year for OpenMRS. These 7 weeks have taught both students and mentors their skills and strengths, and we hope you all have taken away something from this experience.

Some of the changes implemented to this year’s run of GCI with OpenMRS include:

  • OpenMRS GCI 2018 Website Project (the beginning of project tasks)
  • Feedback forms for Students & Mentors
  • Bi-weekly statistical analysis of GCI students and tasks
  • … along with much more

For further information on the wrapping of GCI 2018, check out the post by the Google Open Source team and be on the look out for a statistical breakdown of this year’s program.

Winners were announced January 7, 2019 on the Google Code-in 2018 Homepage and on OpenMRS Talk! Congratulations to all those who participated in Google Code-in 2018 with OpenMRS!

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Google Code-in 2018 with OpenMRS Concludes

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