Congratulations to 2010 Google Summer of Code students

OpenMRS would like to congratulate the following students for being selected to participate in the 2010 Google Summer of Code:

  • Malte Friese, working on Advanced Concept Management with Justin Miranda & Mike Seaton
  • Ruwan Egodawatte, working on Approximate Date Support with Jeremy Keiper & Wyclif Luyima
  • Shivashankar Subramanian, working on Bug Analytics with Diederik van Liere & David Eaves
  • Firzhan Naqash, working on Concept Proposal Module with Glen McCallum & Andy Kanter
  • Kenny MacDonald, working on Remote Data Transfer Module with Ben Wolfe & Andy Kanter
  • Suneeth Reddy Arra, working on Patient De-duplication Module with Shaun Grannis & James Egg
  • Sai Manohar Nethi, working on Genome Data Storage and Drug Resistance Prediction with Pascal Brandt & Carl Fourie
  • Andrey Stelmashenko, working on Global Caching Support for OpenMRS Logic Service with Nyoman Ribeka & Burke Mamlin
  • Xiaohu Fan, working on HTML Form Entry Module Enhancements with Mark Goodrich & Darius Jazayeri
  • Zhuangwei Lu, working on Localization Tools with Mike Seaton & Mark Goodrich
  • Umashanthi Pavalanathan, working on Longitudinal Data Review Module with Sy Haas & Paul Biondich
  • Rafal Korytkowski, working on Metadata Sharing Module with Darius Jazayeri & Jeremy Keiper
  • Pratik Mandrekar, working on OpenMRS Media Viewer Enhancements for Radiology with Katherine Kuan & RJ Ryan
  • Shazin Shadakath, working on OpenMRS Module Administration with Burke Mamlin & Ben Wolfe
  • Christian Chircu, working on Remark Module with Wyclif Luyima & Sy Haas

These 15 students represent a very small portion over 130 (!) extremely high quality proposals we received this year and come from around the world. Google will generously fund their participation on these projects this summer, and we hope they will be a part of our community for years to come. Please help welcome them to the OpenMRS family!

Congratulations and thanks are in order not only to these students, but everyone who applied to work with OpenMRS in GSoC this summer. The selection process was a very difficult one this year, and we hope all who applied will continue their interest and involvement with OpenMRS.

Read more about OpenMRS Summer of Code 2010.

Congratulations to 2010 Google Summer of Code students

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