Announcing the OpenMRS Distributions Program

As OpenMRS has matured over the last decade, we have seen more and more applications built on top of our platform. We’re thrilled with this continued development and to further support it, we’d like to introduce the OpenMRS Distributions Program. Distributions are an important part of the OpenMRS ecosystem, as they provide targeted functions and content for specific use cases and settings, and they are easier to implement as compared to starting from the basic OpenMRS Platform.

The program aims to increase usage of distributions by helping people find the most appropriate one for their context. Further we aim to engage distributions more with OpenMRS community processes, and increase code sharing and reuse.

We are proud to announce our initial set of distributions – the OpenMRS Reference Application, Bahmni, eSaude, KenyaEMR, and UgandaEMR. We look forward to supporting them in the pursuit of better health!

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Announcing the OpenMRS Distributions Program

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