2018 OpenMRS Annual Report

We are proud to share our fourth OpenMRS Annual Report with you. This report embodies all of the incredible work that our community has accomplished over the past year. It is based on your efforts to release new versions of the Platform, Ref App, and OpenMRS distributions; to keep existing implementations of OpenMRS going and expanding to new sites; to support diversity; and to enthusiastically share your knowledge and experience with others. With OpenMRS managing health records for more than 8.6 million patients, we are getting closer, step by step, to our vision of improving care for patients worldwide.

Our collective accomplishments come at a pivotal time, where we see increasing commitment by others who share our mission of improving patient care and greater interest in creating global goods. This next year brings the possibility of greater community engagement and closer collaboration with all of our partners, inside and outside of the community. 2019 promises to be an exciting year for us all!

Our thanks goes out to each and every one of you for your contributions, your compassion, and your commitment. Please consider this report as a celebration of you and of our community.

2018 OpenMRS Annual Report

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