Welcoming our 2022 OpenMRS Fellows!

Several years ago, the OpenMRS Community faced a serious challenge: several senior developers were moving on to new adventures in their careers. While the community had a large pool of new talent starting out, the number of experienced OpenMRS developers working on community priorities who could pick up the baton of departing senior developers were extremely limited. Fellowships were one of several solutions to this problem that came up in community discussions. 

In 2020, the OpenMRS Community had an opportunity to put this idea into action with three OpenMRS fellowships, one focused on product management and two on development. Each year since then, the OpenMRS Fellowship Program has seen both improvement and expansion. 

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome our seven 2022 OpenMRS Fellows:

  • Bett Kipchumba, Development Fellow
  • Daud Kakumirizi, Development Fellow
  • Hadijah Kyampeire, Development Fellow
  • Joshua Nsereko, QA Engineering Fellow
  • Nikesh Balami, Community Management Fellow
  • Suruchi Dhungana, Product Management Fellow
  • Tendayi Mutangadura, Product Management Fellow

During their fellowships, they will be working closely with the squads & teams whose work aligns with their fellowship goals as well as with their mentors: Daniel Kayiwa, Grace Potma, Jennifer Antilla, and Zac Butko. 

To follow their fellowship journeys, look out for their twice-monthly Fellowship Journey posts on Talk (tag: fellowship).

Learn more about the OpenMRS Fellowship Program on our Wiki.

Welcoming our 2022 OpenMRS Fellows!
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