OpenMRS Fellowship July All Hands

On Wednesday, 13th July 2022, we hosted a fellowship all hands to listen to fellows’ learnings and experiences. All hands are the semi-formal gathering of fellows, mentors, and the OpenMRS board, which is hosted in the interval every two months featuring the presentation from fellows and their mentors.

The idea behind all hands was;

  • To bring the fellows into the same room to break communication silos and to share the activities, learnings, and experiences.
  • To build the synergies between the fellows to support each other and work closely.
  • To brainstorm the potential collaborative contributions and long-term projects.
  • To bridge the gaps between the community and fellows by keeping them well informed about fellows’ progress and contributions.

The July all hands featured the presentation of three fellows who shared their journey, learnings, and reflections until now. Suruchi Dhungana (Product Management Fellow), Joshua Nsereko (QA Engineering), and Daud Kakumirizi (Backend Development Fellow) presented in July all hands.

To know more about 2022 OpenMRS Fellows, please check here.

Fellows presentation

The first presentation was from Suruchi Dhungana, who is our Product Management Fellow. Suruchi shared how she has been working as a PM fellow in OpenMRS Dictionary Manager and basically work for concept management and OCL. Her top three learning goals include; Leading to deprecate Dictionary Manager, Supporting the OCL team to improve Term Browser, and Clearing the idea of the OpenMRS OCL module and its dependencies.

She also shared how the discussion in the squad calls are helpful and enjoy the collaborations we have in the community. Adding up to the Suruchi presentation, her mentor Grace shared the Suruchi habits of coming prepared and self-directed with good user connections.

In the second presentation,  Joshua Nsereko our QA Engineering Fellow shared his learning and aims in developing and managing the OpenMRS Quality Assurance tooling. He has been working with FHIR Integration Tests and watching out OMRS 3.X tests. He shared how he tackled the challenges of new feature implementation by asking a lot of questions. Up next, he plans to work on creating automated tests for FHIR Patient Domain search amd FHIR Observation Domain.

The last presentation was from Daud Kakumirizi, who is our Backend Development Fellow. He started by sharing his top three learning goals; Understanding backend frameworks & development, Understanding how the backend part interacts with the frontend part, and Understanding the CI process. He also highlights some of the major tasks which he did until now and lessons learned like being flexible as the priorities in a software project can change over time.

What next?

The remaining fellows will get an opportunity to present their learning and experiences in the next all hands, which is scheduled for September.

If you are interested in following the fellowship journey of all fellows, please visit the fellowship wiki page and check out their journey post on talk.

OpenMRS Fellowship July All Hands
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