The O3 Design System and UI Tools

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Technical Overview of OpenMRS 3
Here we will cover the story behind how OpenMRS came to need a "version 3", how O3 is designed, and the technical framework behind O3: Apps, Pages, Slots, Widgets/Extensions, and a robust Design System.
Set Up O3
Now let's help you set up O3 on your machine.
Configure Your O3 Instance
Hello World!
This section will get you started in your O3-app-building journey with a quick Hello-World activity.
Challenge Yourself with Detailed Quizzes
Test your knowledge in even greater detail! This is open-book: You are welcome to use the course and the O3 Developer documentation!
Intro to OpenMRS 3: For Developers and Technical Teams
About Lesson

We will now review Carbon Design System, the O3 UI Patterns Guide, the O3 Styleguide in Zeplin, and the overall history of UX/UI in OpenMRS and why consistent UI is mission-critical for the long-term success of OpenMRS.

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The O3 Design System and UI Tools
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