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OpenMRS is an electronic medical records software platform that is a critical part of the infrastructure needed to maintain and improve healthcare in some of the poorest communities in the world. A global community of OpenMRS volunteers has made these vital contributions possible. OpenMRS Developers in Kampala, UgandaOpenMRS is there for the people of these communities only because of the ongoing support of partners like you. Hundreds of people volunteer their time to provide advice, programming, and implementation services. Ensuring the most effective and efficient use of these vital resources requires clear communication and central coordination—which can only happen with financial support. To sustain, strengthen, and amplify our life-saving impact in communities that desperately need it, we are asking for your financial support. Help us build the operational team that can most effectively respond to the increasing number of requests for a robust, resilient electronic medical record system around the world.

Help OpenMRS Save Lives and Strengthen Communities Around the World

What we helped accomplish:

  •         Served over 5-million patients globally in OpenMRS systems
  •         Enabled national rollouts in 6 countries (Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Rwanda, Bangladesh) with 3 more in the works
  •         Advanced healthcare services in over 60 countries, including over a third of the 50 poorest countries in the world

Health clinic in Kampala, Uganda using OpenMRS Why give to OpenMRS Inc.:

  •         We collaborate: Donors and governments are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to implement OpenMRS worldwide.
  •         We leverage support: We use every dollar you give to amplify the hundreds of volunteer hours (equating to over $1 million a year in volunteer time!)
  •         We function efficiently: We have helped strengthen healthcare delivery around the globe with an annual budget of only $100,000 for the past 5 years.
  •         We continuously respond to help those most in need: Your contribution, and those of others will allow us to continue to extend the benefits of OpenMRS to millions of people in more countries around the world, and to respond to emerging healthcare challenges in these communities.

The Growing Influence of OpenMRS

The 2016 OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference held in Uganda was the community’s 11th and the largest to date, including over 400 participants from over 27 countries! 2016 OpenMRS Implementers' Conference We are collaborating with academic centers, implementing partners, and even the Ministries of Health of five countries to provide health information systems that help in caring for millions of people. These requests show that the need for OpenMRS is growing exponentially.

How Your Gift Helps OpenMRS Improve Vulnerable Lives Around the World

Over 40 million people in developing countries are infected with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, multi-drug–resistant tuberculosis, and malaria. Outbreaks of Ebola and other viruses could threaten tens of millions more. Effective maternal and neonatal care remain critical to improving life expectancy, and non-communicable diseases continue to increase in frequency. The immense threats to achieving global health equity require resilient healthcare systems, including health IT that serves patients; healthcare providers; and healthcare administrators. Sustainable healthcare infrastructure remains essential to meet the continuing and evolving healthcare needs of these vulnerable populations – both individual patients and their at-risk communities. The Open Medical Record System. OpenMRS. provides a practical, effective, and reliable means of improving healthcare in resource-limited places. So far, OpenMRS has already helped over 5 million people in 80 countries. Since 2004, the OpenMRS community has pioneered the world’s most effective health information infrastructure: a free, open-source medical record system as a platform for developing countries. A worldwide network of volunteers in technology, healthcare, and international development has worked to build and implement the world’s largest and most flexible technology platform to support healthcare delivery in the most challenging environments.

How You Can Help

With your support, we can meet the needs of healthcare teams and communities that rely upon OpenMRS. Please consider a generous donation to OpenMRS. Whether you give $15 or $1,500, you’ll help ensure that OpenMRS remains an effective resource for vulnerable communities, afflicted patients, and heroic healthcare providers who need it most. Every donation helps, no matter how small. Your gift today makes a huge impact and helps save lives. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution as a gift for a friend or family member who will appreciate the work of OpenMRS. Donate to OpenMRS in their names! Thank you for your generosity.

OpenMRS, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Tax I.D. number is 45-5316647. Financial contributions to OpenMRS Inc. are tax-deductible. OpenMRS Inc., 1101 West 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA

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Mail your contribution to: OpenMRS Inc., 1101 West 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202 Ask if your employer will match your contribution: Many companies match the charitable donations of their employees, which can double or even triple your support of OpenMRS. Speak with your Human Resources staff.