Five Things We’ve Learned About OpenMRS and Quality Assurance

At OpenMRS, we understand the importance of providing users with a quality product that they can trust. Getting to quality means adopting effective quality assurance processes – and using proven quality assurance tools that our community can easily adopt and practice.   Through conversations with OpenMRS developers, implementers, and quality assurance professionals, we know that quality […]

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OpenMRS Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 nears pandemic status and strains the existing health care systems, many of us in digital health are asking how our electronic systems can help slow or prevent the spread of this disease, and ultimately save lives.  For those of us who serve in global health, in environments with limited healthcare systems, we are […]

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OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0 released!

In recognition of the long awaited OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0 release, special thanks goes to the community contributors who offered their time and commitment tirelessly towards this achievement.Contributing to this cause has been an exiting and challenging experience for many contributors. To some contributors, there was zero knowledge about development, yet they are now quite experienced […]

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OpenMRS Implementer’s Meeting 2019: Strengthening and Harmonizing the OpenMRS Ecosystem

From hackathon sessions focused on expanding OpenMRS developers’ skills to apply new microservice technologies to discussions on OpenMRS implementation successes and challenges, 2019’s OpenMRS Implementer’s Meeting in Maputo, Mozambique offered opportunities for 170 people from 22 countries to explore ways to strengthen and harmonize the OpenMRS ecosystem.  Attendees from 22 countries began arriving on December […]

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Creating Space for Easier Collaboration on Data Migration

“Collaborating does not just happen accidentally; it requires time, planning and dedicating resources to look for and develop opportunities.” – Digital Principles for Development.  When it comes to working together on a shared pain point, having a supportive climate for collaboration can help smooth the way for OpenMRS implementations to re-use existing solutions or work […]

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