What Quality Assurance Tools Have the Potential to Enhance Our Current QA Practices?

The last we heard from the OpenMRS Quality Assurance Team, they were wrapping up a deep dive into our community’s quality assurance practices and had five key findings to share:  Selenium is already set up for testing the OpenMRS Reference Application.OpenMRS core has robust CI testing in place. Better, more effective QA relies on the availability […]

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Google Summer of Code 2020 Students Selection has been announced!

OpenMRS is excited to be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code™ 2020!  Congratulations to our 9 students who have been selected for Google Summer of Code 2020, and a great thanks to all of our mentors, community members, and the students who submitted the proposals this year! Since 2007, OpenMRS has enjoyed participating in this great […]

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OpenMRS Reference Application 2.10.0 Released

I would want to gladly announce the awaited Reference Application 2.10.0 Release.It’s built on Platform 2.3.0 and includes bug fixes to over 40 modules.With this release, 1) we removed the Chart Search Module From the Reference Application Modules list2) we also developed the Growth Chart Module for Reference Application, but also not bundled with in the distribution.3) Another […]

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Five Things We’ve Learned About OpenMRS and Quality Assurance

At OpenMRS, we understand the importance of providing users with a quality product that they can trust. Getting to quality means adopting effective quality assurance processes – and using proven quality assurance tools that our community can easily adopt and practice.   Through conversations with OpenMRS developers, implementers, and quality assurance professionals, we know that quality […]

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OpenMRS Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 nears pandemic status and strains the existing health care systems, many of us in digital health are asking how our electronic systems can help slow or prevent the spread of this disease, and ultimately save lives.  For those of us who serve in global health, in environments with limited healthcare systems, we are […]

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