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OpenMRS 1.6 Alpha Released

Hi OpenMRS Community, Our first alpha preview release of OpenMRS 1.6 is ready! First off, I’d like to thank the 35 developers who contributed code to this release: Agnor, arthurs, ayeung, ball, bmckown, bwolfe, cliff.mcintosh, dfuterman, djazayeri, dthomas, emendez, ewolodzko, hkwathome, jamesm, jmiranda, Keelhaul, Knoll_Frank, luzhuangwei, madanmohan, mkopinsky, mogoodrich, mseaton, msheley, n.nehete, nribeka, Pascal, r0bby, […]

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OpenMRS Workshop for Central America

Joaquin Blaya writes: We just finished a 3 day (July 8-10, 2009) workshop on OpenMRS in Guatemala for Ministry of Health and CDC personnel from different Central American countries… Read the post

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OpenMRS 1.4 Released

The first official release OpenMRS 1.4 is now available for download at This is our new stable release, replacing 1.3.4. Important note: Upgrading to 1.4 will update your database in a way that cannot be undone, so you cannot go back to 1.3 after upgrading. Please be sure to backup your database before doing […]

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OpenMRS 1.4 RC Released

We now have the long-awaited release candidate for OpenMRS 1.4. You can find this on the pre-releases section of the downloads page. What does “Release Candidate” mean? This is not yet a final release: we recommend that most people continue running their production systems off the latest stable release, which is 1.3.4. But at this […]

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Rwandan OpenMRS Training course

We’re now entering the third week of the E-Health: Software Development and Implementation course (or EHSDI) in Rwanda. (Which means this blog post is about two weeks too late, but who’s counting?) The government of Rwanda has chosen to use OpenMRS as a national medical record system, used at all health facilities, as part of […]

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