Solving the Sync Challenge: OpenMRS Sync 2.0

For many OpenMRS implementations, intermittent or limited internet connectivity can present a challenge to keeping patient medical records up to date. Using the new Sync 2.0 module, health workers can plan when to send their data, know when data was not properly sent, and have duplicate patient records resolved.

In 2017, Soldevelo and the OpenMRS community began planning Sync 2.0. Soldevelo later receiving funding from Digital Square that enabled them to support more dedicated developer time to the project. Contributors from Soldevelo set up a project description on the OpenMRS Wiki. As work on the project progressed, this team used Talk to conduct daily project stand ups and hold a Sync 2.0 Showcase for everyone in the community. In January 2019, they completed work on an MVP and made a community-wide call to implementations interested in testing the MVP, who over the next several months were able to provide valuable feedback.

You can read more about why the Sync 2.0 module is an important addition to OpenMRS and Soldevelo’s contributions on Digital Square’s blog.

Solving the Sync Challenge: OpenMRS Sync 2.0

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