OpenMRS Volunteer of the Month: Cintia Del Rio

OpenMRS is happy to announce that the community has selected @cintiadr as the Volunteer of the Month for May! We are really lucky to have Cintia working with us. Thank you for your commitment to OpenMRS @cintiadr!

Name: Cintia

My openmrs ID – cintiadr

Tell us a little about your background: I’ll keep it short and sweet! I graduated in computer science in my hometown, Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil. I started my career as a C++ developer :D. I moved to Java development for quite a while, and I accidentally ended up in a DevOps team at Atlassian when I moved to Sydney/Australia. Fast forward 5 years, and I’m still devops’ing in Sydney and loving it :slight_smile:

When did you start with OpenMRS: apparently I joined the community on 13th Feb 2014!

How did you get interested in OpenMRS: my hubby (boyfriend back then) was contributing to OpenMRS as a java developer, and he convinced me that I could help OpenMRS :love_letter:
And here I am.

How do you participate in the community: I’m part of infrastructure team (helping with the community resources like talk, wiki, issue tracker, quite a few services up and running), and I also help with CI/CD automation (think about release and deployment) and any other devops/infrastructure on the way. You probably see me a lot answering tickets on helpdesk too.

What are your favorite things to do in your free time:
Traveling! :smiley:

What’s your favorite OpenMRS moment or tell us what makes OpenMRS special to you:
I suppose the reason why I decided to join and I stayed is because it’s a very kind and welcoming community. People are really here to help – which is particularly different of so many other open source communities.

OpenMRS Volunteer of the Month: Cintia Del Rio

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