OpenMRS 1.5.0 Released!

1.5 is packed with new features!

  • Simplified upgrades
  • Simplified initial startup and deployment
  • Ability to store large “complex” observations
  • Better support for UTF-8 characters
  • Improved memory management
  • Automatic UUIDs added for all objects/rows

A larger and more detailed list of features can be found on the release notes page.

To upgrade from 1.3/1.4 to 1.5, simply download the openmrs war file and put it into your tomcat instance. The openmrs webapp will restart and enter “maintenance mode” to lead you through upgrading your database.

A huge thanks to the many people that contributed code or bug reports to
this release!

Download OpenMRS 1.5.0
Release notes for 1.5.0

OpenMRS 1.5.0 Released!

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